Dental sealants are not only an effective way to stop tooth decay in children, they are also quick, easy and relatively inexpensive. We have seen a significant increase of parents asking for dental sealants for their children in our office and want to take the opportunity to point out some of the benefits your child will experience.


Dental sealants are simply a plastic material that is brushed onto the chewing surfaces of your child’s teeth. The material seals the pits and fissures of the teeth and prevents these areas from filling with plaque and eventually leading to decay.

This is especially helpful on the permanent, or ‘adult’ molars in the back of the mouth where sometimes children have trouble reaching with a tooth brush. The sealant fills the grooves in the teeth and effectively seals out the food and plaque.

Having dental sealants can greatly reduce your child’s risk of cavities. In some cases, up to nearly 50%, according to the American Dental Association. They last for close to 10 years, although they do need to be checked regularly for cracks and damage. This is part of your cleaning when your child visits our office. We recommend that you bring your child in for your cleaning and to have them checked every 6 months.

The primary key to good oral health is regular care at home. This includes flossing daily and brushing the teeth for a minimum of two minutes, twice daily. In addition to this self-care, limiting your child’s sugar intake is another way to significantly reduce his or her risk for tooth decay and cavities.

Around the age of 6, your child will begin to have molars erupting, and this is an excellent time to come into our office and discuss the benefits of dental sealants for your child. Give us a call today, we’re happy to answer all of your questions.

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