Brushing is sometimes not very fun for anyone to do, which is why it is important for children to learn the best practices for brushing their teeth ahead of time.

This can help them bring good oral hygiene habits with them wherever they go and for the rest of their lives.


When searching for a way to have more fun when brushing teeth, these apps can provide you with the fun and excitement you want to have. Look into each of them to find out which one might be the most ideal for your kid.

Luca Lashes Learns to Brush His Teeth is an exciting app that brings Lucas to life. He tells about the reasons for brushing your teeth, why you should and how you can learn to. It is the ultimate step by step that makes brushing fun.

Disney Magic Timer is a timer that allows kids to know how long they should brush their teeth for. The kids can set the timer and let it go until it goes off. Once it does, they know it is time to stop brushing.

Brusheez: Little Monsters Toothbrush Timer is another timer that allows kids to watch and listen to something fun for the time that they have to brush. When the timer goes off, they know they are done brushing for the entire time.

Brush Teeth with Momo by Think Design Studio is a fun app that is designed to not only give kids the information on why and how, but also lets them know how long they need to brush for. This is an app that allows them to interact with it, too. It can make brushing more fun for everyone.

Brushing is fun and it will continue to be fun when you make it fun. Brushing should always be something that is required for all children. This way, they know that they have to brush their teeth every night and after breakfast.

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