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What to Do If Your Child Has Dental Questions You Don't Know How to Answer?

Posted on 9/23/2018 by Front Office
What to Do If Your Child Has Dental Questions You Don't Know How to Answer?Children are not afraid to ask questions. Adults do not always have the answers to the questions the kids ask. This is especially true when the questions are about things that adults are sometimes uncomfortable talking about.

When it comes to dental questions parents can handle some of the simple one's but often have difficulty with the questions that kid's follow-up the easy ones with. This happens more than some adults want to admit.

The Hard Questions

Some of the typical ways a child asks dental questions goes something like this:

Parent – 'Brush Your Teeth'
Child – 'Why'
Parents – 'Because You Don't want Cavities'

Child asks one of many harder questions including:

'What are cavities?',
'What's wrong with cavities,
I will lose these teeth soon anyway?',
'How do Cavities form?' and the list goes on.

Parents can choose to keep trying to answer these questions as best they can, or they can turn to other sources to help them give a child an answer that stops their string of endless questions and allows them to finally brush their teeth.

Some parents can turn to the internet. They can show the child videos that will probably scare them from doing anything and may stop them from ever telling a parent that they may have a cavity. A better solution is to turn over the questions that you cannot answer to the professionals.

The staff in our office is ready to handle the dental questions that children have. They have the knowledge and experience to teach a child about the importance of good dental hygiene and why they need to take care of their teeth in a way that does not frighten the child. Instead of going around in circles, we can explain things to children in ways that they will understand and that will give them answers that satisfy their curiosity.

The next time your child starts to ask dental questions that you do not have an answer for, give us a call so we can help you get past this obstacle
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