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Signs Your Child is Ready for an Electric Toothbrush

Posted on 1/30/2018 by Front Office
Electric Toothbrush Pleasanton Pediatric Dentistry CA 94566-6138There are no clear guidelines on when a child can or cannot use an electric toothbrush. Generally, the guidelines are that when the child is ready to brush their teeth and has practiced with a manual toothbrush, then they could benefit from using an electric one for their oral hygiene routines.

Knowing more about the electric toothbrushes can help you make the most informed decision on whether or not this is something you want your child to use.

Benefits of Using an Electric Toothbrush

Believe it or not, an electric toothbrush is better overall for oral health. It can reach and scrub in areas that a manual toothbrush wouldn't be able to get. This is especially true for younger children that tend to miss a lot of areas in the mouth.

Choosing an electric toothbrush can provide them with a way to have cleaner, brighter teeth that are healthier overall. You can still go over their teeth with it, but they're better able to get all areas of the mouth with an electric toothbrush over a manual one.

Many adults are recommended an electric toothbrush for their oral hygiene to help with the plague and buildup that they have in their mouth. This is because it works well to break up this plaque and other build up easily.

We believe that if your child is 3 years of age or older and has been brushing their own teeth with a manual toothbrush, they're able to use an electric one to brush their teeth with, as well.

This provides them with a way to have a healthier, brighter smile that is easier to achieve than when you use a manual toothbrush that doesn't get in those hard to reach areas or break up all the plaque on the outside of the teeth.
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