The number one reason we hear that people do not want to go to the dentist is because they are afraid.

When you ask an adult what they are afraid of they will talk about the sound of the drill or the fact that it will hurt. It does not matter if the fear is not warranted, it keeps people from seeing the dentist to help them keep a healthy smile.

If the parents let a child know they are afraid of the dentist, the child will have the same fear. Parents should learn a few tips to make their child realize that the dentist’s offices are not a place to be afraid of.


Whether it is the child or adult, the fear of the dentist comes from anxiety. The anxiety a parent has to take themselves or their child to the dentist is noticed by the child.

They will share those anxious feelings. They will build up the fear of what is going to happen in their mind. Often, they think of the worst.

Children are afraid of several things. They are afraid that they will have a cavity and that it means they did something wrong. They are afraid because they are not familiar with the dentist and the dentist’s office. They are afraid because their parents are stressing out the fear their child has.


Reducing the fear of going to the dentist requires reducing the anxiety. Parents should not try to squeeze the appointment in between sports and homework.

They need to make sure that everyone is as relaxed as possible, including themselves. They also need to talk about the dentist in positive terms and make sure the child realizes that everyone gets cavities and that does not mean they did something wrong.

There are two other things parents can do to reduce the fear of the dentist. Never use the word pain or suggest that going to the dentist will hurt. It rarely does.

Second, visit our offices regularly and make sure that the child is familiar with what happens in our offices. To come and see how we make our offices kid friendly and what we have to offer children, come by for a visit or give us a call.

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