As a parent, you are going to ask yourself, as well as other people, a number of questions as you raise your child. One question that often comes up is if first food choices impact the development of your child’s teeth.

The short answer, is yes, they do. It is important to learn what foods impact your child’s teeth development, so you can ensure proper oral health.

Too much sugar, starch and carbs can have a negative effect on the teeth of a child. Items such as cookies, cakes, milk, candy and other food and beverages containing sugar can lead to tooth decay.

It is important to teach your child to make good food choices, so they can have a healthy mouth, free of cavities and other issues.


Instead of offering your child candy or cookies for a snack, start them on the right path by providing vegetables and fruit. Cucumbers, melons, pears and celery are great choices as they contain a high content of water. If you provide fruit, be sure to brush the child’s teeth after for a clean mouth free of sugar.


Another great option for snack and even meal time is cheese. You can serve cheese to your child to help promote the flow of saliva, which helps to ensure a clean mouth. Try a variety of cheeses to break up what you are offering your child, with options like Swiss, Monterey Jack or Cheddar.


When it comes to providing drinks, avoid juice or soda and offer your child plan water. Water is a good option as it will clear away food particles after a meal and is a healthy beverage option.

When your baby is still using a bottle, never give them milk, soda, juice or other sugary drinks at bedtime. The sugar can stay on the teeth and cause tooth decay.

Learning more about healthy foods and drinks for your child will ensure proper teeth health. Contact us today to learn more about what to provide your child for healthy teeth and gums.

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