An exciting milestone in your child’s development is the eruption of his or her primary teeth, or baby teeth. That adorable little smile with the two bottom teeth shining through is something that warms every parent’s heart.

But how do you take care of those precious new pearly whites? Is there anything special that you as a parent should do to care for them? Today we will look at how to care for your baby and their primary teeth.


Hopefully your baby is already accustomed to having his or her mouth cleaned twice daily with a warm wash cloth. This is something we recommend from birth to not only keep bacteria at bay, but to begin to introduce good oral health care to your child. As soon as baby teeth start to show, it is important to begin caring for them.

Brushing twice a day with a smear (rice size) of toothpaste will not only keep the new teeth shining, it will help remove bacteria and plaque build-up. This greatly reduces the risk of your child for developing cavities or decay.

Additionally, the fluoride in toothpaste helps to strengthen the enamel of those new pearly whites begin poking through. Strong enamel is an added shield against bacteria and decay. Once your baby has two teeth that touch, daily flossing should be introduced. Either with floss or a special child themed flossing tool, gently work the floss in between the teeth and further remove any plaque build-up.

Lastly, but certainly not least of all, bring your child to our office before their first birthday! Even if teeth are not present yet. Establishing early relationships with children can definitely have long term benefits for both our dentists and your child. We look forward to seeing that little baby smile soon, and feel free to call us with any questions or concerns.

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